Tom Castelazo>

This is a photo album of images I've made during the Covid-19 Stay Home order. I began in late March with the idea of painting one realistic image a day, using acrylic on heavy watercolor paper, putting in 3 to 4 hours a session as I would at the figurative workshop friends and I put on every other Sunday. I assumed this would last about 3 weeks and I would end up with 20 or so paintings different than what I would normally produce. Humans think, God laughs! We have a smallish backyard with a wide variety of creatively arraned flora, and a large hill rising to the west. A few paintings were executed on the front porch and side yards. I am up over 100 days in a row and plan to continue on as long as the Pandemic, time and daylight dictate.

Tom Castelazo, July 13, 2020